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Horus Cast Pewter Mini

Beautiful Hand-cast Pewter Ancient Egyptian God Horus Figurine

Horus was one of the oldest deities of Ancient Egypt.  The original form of Horus was that of a falcon or hawk.  He was a solar deity, considered a manifestation of the pharaoh in the afterlife. 

Horus (Horsaiset) was the son of Isis.  He had been sired by the dead Osiris and hidden on the island of Chemmis by his mother.  The goddess Wadjet, the protector of Lower Egypt, stayed on the island as a serpent to keep watch over the child and his mother.  Horus suffered many assaults while still a child but survived to attack Seth in vengeance for the death of his father, Osiris.  He was victorious.  


Height: 51mm / 2.08 inches

Width: 12mm / 0.47 inches

Depth: 25mm / 0.98 inches

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