Rhiannon Statue
Rhiannon Statue
Rhiannon Statue

Rhiannon Statue

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Rhiannon Statue - Celtic / Norse Goddess Rhianon

Rhiannon is a major figure in the Mabinogi, the medieval Welsh story collection. She appears mainly in the First Branch of the Mabinogi, and again in the Third Branch. She is a strong-minded Otherworld woman, who chooses Pwyll, prince of Dyfed (west Wales), as her consort, in preference to another man to whom she has already been betrothed. She is intelligent, politically strategic, beautiful, and famed for her wealth and generosity. With Pwyll she has a son, the hero Pryderi, who later inherits the lordship of Dyfed. She endures tragedy when her newborn child is abducted, and she is accused of infanticide. As a widow she marries Manawydan of the British royal family, and has further adventures involving enchantments.


Height: 26cm / 10.2 inches

Width: 28cm / 11 inches

Depth: 10cm / 4 inches


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