Min Pendant
Min Pendant

Min Pendant

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The Min statue is a powerful and revered symbol of the ancient Egyptian pantheon, representing the god of fertility, virility, and sexual potency. This stunning statue is a perfect addition to any home or sacred space seeking to connect with the deep spiritual energy of ancient Egypt.

Crafted from premium quality materials, this Min statue is a beautiful and highly detailed representation of the god himself. The statue stands tall and proud, with a strong and muscular build and a regal posture that exudes power and authority. Its intricate design captures the essence of Min's role in ancient Egyptian mythology and provides a powerful symbol for anyone seeking to connect with the divine.

The Min statue is believed to possess powerful spiritual properties that can help you align with your higher self and access deeper insights and understanding. Its energy can help you connect with your own sexual potency, creativity, and vitality, allowing you to tap into your own inner power and manifest your desires more easily. It can also help you access the divine wisdom and guidance of the ancient Egyptian gods, providing you with a source of strength and inspiration for your spiritual journey.

Keeping this Min statue in your home can create a powerful and uplifting energy that can transform your space into a sacred sanctuary. Its presence can purify your environment, promote positive energy flow, and provide a sense of balance and harmony to your surroundings.

Solid 925 Sterling Silver

Pendant Height: 4cm / 1.4 inches

Pendant Width: 1cm / 0.4 inches

*Chain not included*


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