Lady Justice Candleholder Statue
Lady Justice Candleholder Statue
Lady Justice Candleholder Statue
Lady Justice Candleholder Statue
Lady Justice Candleholder Statue

Lady Justice Candleholder Statue

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Lady Justice Candleholder - Themis Virtues of Justice Greek & Roman Symbol of Justice

The Lady Justice statue is usually in the form of a woman who is standing or sitting. She is typically dressed in a toga-like robe, may be barefoot, and her hair is either flowing over her shoulders or braided in a bun or around her head. She holds a balance, or two-tray scale in one hand and a sword in the other; usually the scales are in the left hand and the sword in the right, but this is not always so. Sometimes, she also wears a blindfold over her eyes.

Some of the first images similar to the Lady of Justice date back to the Egyptian goddess Maat, who signified truth and order in that ancient society. Later, the ancient Greeks worshipped the goddess Themis, the personification of divine law and custom, and her daughter, Dike, whose name means “justice.” Dike was always depicted carrying a pair of balance scales, and it was believed that she ruled over human law.
The ancient Romans revered Justitia or lustitia, who most closely resembles the Lady of Justice statues formed in more modern times. She represented the morality of the justice system.


Height: 16.5cm / 6.5 inches

Width: 18.5cm / 7.3 inches

Depth: 12.5cm / 5 inches

The master-craftsmanship, hand-painted accents, and antique finishing showcased in this collection of statues boasts remarkable detail from every angle. As with most Cold Cast Bronze Resin* statues, every piece, although delicately designed, feels solid and heavier than expected when held. Each statue comes carefully packaged in a custom sculptured polystyrene inner packing to ensure safe world-wide shipping! 

Whether you are looking for a statement décor piece, expanding a personal altar, or just adding to your collection, look no further! 

*Cold Cast Bronze Resin: A cold cast bronze statue is created during the process of combining real powdered bronze metal with resin. The statue is then cast into a replica mould, and the resulting piece is breathed into life. This meticulous process allows for cold cast bronze statues to flaunt a higher-quality detail than it’s solid bronze counterpart, as well as an exceptional price difference!

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