Judgment Day Wall Plaque
Judgment Day Wall Plaque
Judgment Day Wall Plaque

Judgment Day Wall Plaque

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Judgment Day Wall Plaque - Ancient Egyptian God Anubis holding Scales of Justice with Thoth & Ammut

 In Ancient Egypt, it was believed that upon death, one's fate in the afterlife was determined by the weighing of one's heart. One's heart was kept within the body during mummification so that it can travel with the deceased into the afterlife. Upon death, one entered the underworld (Duat), where Anubis, the God of the dead, weighed the person's heart on a scale against the feather of Ma’at, the goddess of order, truth, and righteousness. If the heart weighed more than the feather, meaning that the person was more wicked than good, then the heart would be devoured by Ammit, a demon with the head of a crocodile, the front half of the body of a leopards, and the back half of a hippopotamus, but with goat arms. If a person's heart was devoured by Ammit, then he would die a second death and be completely annihilated from existence.

Width: 33cm / 13 inches

Height: 16cm / 6.3 inches

Depth: 1.5cm / 0.6 inches


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