Egyptian Astrological Papyrus

Egyptian Astrological Papyrus

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The only calendar you will ever need - also known as the Astrological Calendar. The Egyptian Calendar was originally discovered in Temple of Dandara in Luxor.

In this calendar the 12 signs of the Zodiac are in the center, along with people and animals. Supporting the zodiac is the god Horus (8 times) and 4 female goddesses. Horus represents the 4 directions, the goddess represent the 4 seasons. The months are represented by the adding the goddesses and Horus, for a total of twelve. If we add the total number of hands it is 24, or the hours in the day. If we take the number of fingers(10) and multiply it by 12 (8 Horus, 4 goddesses) the answer is 120. Dividing 120 by 2 we get 60 - 60 for the 60 minutes in an hour, and 60 for the 60 seconds in a minute.


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