Bastet Statue - Made in Egypt
Bastet Statue - Made in Egypt

Bastet Statue - Made in Egypt

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Beautiful Stone statue with Hieroglyphic base - handmade in Luxor Egypt

Stunning Bastet statue, featuring the goddess of fertility and childbirth, Bastet, and her sister, the goddess of nature and magic, Isis. This magnificent statue stands at 12 inches (30cm) and is hand-crafted from the finest quality materials.

Bastet is depicted in her traditional form, with the body of a woman and the head of a cat, symbolizing her protective and nurturing qualities.

Alongside Bastet is a smaller statue of Isis, the protector and nurturer. The intricate details of the two goddesses, from the flowing lines of their garments to the delicate facial features, are expertly carved and capture the essence of the ancient Egyptian goddesses.

This statue makes a beautiful addition to any home, office, or sacred space and is a testament to the timeless beauty and grace of ancient Egyptian art. Whether for display or for use in spiritual practice, this Bastet statue with Isis is sure to bring joy, inspiration, and good fortune to its owner.


Height: 30cm / 12 inches

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