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Bastet Goddess Statue

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Height: 26cm / 10.2 inches

Width: 15cm / 6 inches

Depth: 9cm / 3.5 inches

Bastet was one of the most popular goddesses in Ancient Egypt, often described as being a goddess of the people. Generally depicted as a cat, or as a woman with the head of a Cat. She is depicted here holding the Ankh, a symbol of eternal life, balance & protection. She is the daughter of the God Re, and herself representative of joy, love and protection.

The master-craftsmanship, hand-painted accents, and antique finishing showcased in this collection of statues boasts remarkable detail from every angle. As with mostCold Cast Bronze Resin* statues, every piece, although delicately designed, feels solid and heavier than expected when held. Each statue comes carefully packaged in a custom sculptured polystyrene inner packing to ensure safe world-wide shipping! 

Whether you are looking for a statement décor piece, expanding a personal altar, or just adding to your collection, look no further! 

*Cold Cast Bronze Resin: A cold cast bronze statue is created during the process of combining real powdered bronze metal with resin. The statue is then cast into a replica mould, and the resulting piece is breathed into life. This meticulous process allows for cold cast bronze statues to flaunt a higher-quality detail than it’s solid bronze counterpart, as well as an exceptional price difference!