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Queen Nefertari Holding Offering Jars Papyrus - 40x60cm

Queen Nefertari Holding Offering Jars Papyrus


60cm / 23.6 inches Tall

40cm / 15.7 inches Wide

Papyrus is the worlds first paper!

Created by the Ancient Egyptians, papyrus has been used as a paper for over 4500 years!

Each Papyri is

- Hand-made
- Hand-painted
- Authentically Egyptian
-Packaged with a certificate of authenticity & protective plastic sleeve

Ramses II's most beloved wife. It is thought that she died in the 25th year of his reign. Here, Queen Nefertari is pictured holding two offering jars

This scene is taken from the magnificent tomb of Nefertari

(All Papyrus is hand-made & hand-painted, so yours may differ slightly from that in the photo)