Fishing & Fowling on the Nile Papyrus - 40x60cm

Fishing & Fowling on the Nile Papyrus - 40x60cm

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Papyrus is the worlds first paper!

Created by the Ancient Egyptians, papyrus has been used as a paper for over 4500 years!

Each Papyri is

- Hand-made
- Hand-painted
- Authentically Egyptian & Packaged with a certificate of authenticity
- Packaged with a certificate of authenticity & protective plastic sleeve

Commonly referred to as "Fishing & Fowling on the Nile", by Egyptologists this scene is called "Nebamun Fowling in the Marshes". The location of the original scene is from the Tomb-Chapel of Nebamun.

Nebamun is shown hunting birds, in a small boat with his wife and their young daughter, in the marshes of the Nile. Such scenes had already been traditional parts of tomb-chapel decoration for hundreds of years and show the dead tomb-owner enjoying himself and seeing beauty.
This is more than a simple image of recreation. Fertile marshes were seen as a place of rebirth and eroticism. Hunting animals could represent Nebamun’s triumph over the forces of nature as he was reborn. The huge striding figure of Nebamun dominates, forever happy and forever young, surrounded by the rich and varied life of the marsh.


60cm / 23.6 inches wide
40cm / 15.7 inches tall

(All Papyrus is hand-made & hand-painted, so yours may differ slightly from that in the photo)

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