Egyptian Hippopotamus Statue
Egyptian Hippopotamus Statue
Egyptian Hippopotamus Statue

Egyptian Hippopotamus Statue

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Height: 5cm / 2 inches

Length: 9.5cm / 3.7 inches

Width: 4cm / 1.5 inches

The body is engraved with lotuses. These river plants depict the marshes in which the animal lived, but at the same time their flowers also symbolize regeneration and rebirth as they close every night and open again in the morning.

The seemingly benign appearance that this figurine presents is deceptive. To the ancient Egyptians, the hippopotamus was one of the most dangerous animals in their world. The huge creatures were a hazard for small fishing boats and other rivercraft. The beast might also be encountered on the waterways in the journey to the afterlife. As such, the hippopotamus was a force of nature that needed to be propitiated and controlled, both in this life and the next. This example was one of a pair found in a shaft associated with the tomb chapel of the steward Senbi II at Meir, an Upper Egyptian site about thirty miles south of modern Asyut.

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