Tree of Life Papyrus

Tree of Life Papyrus

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Ancient Egyptian Tree of Life with Birds - Antiqued Papyrus

Hand painted

The Ancient Egyptian Tree of Life -  The birds represent the different stages in one's life from infancy to old age. Four birds face the East, the direction in which the sun rose, symbolizing life. The bird facing the setting Sun in the West is symbolic of the approach of the afterlife.

This "antiqued" papyrus has been specially treated to mimic the ancient/antique pieces of papyrus housed in museums.  


60cm / 23.6 inches Tall
40cm / 15.7 inches Wide

Papyrus is the worlds first paper!

 Created by the Ancient Egyptians, papyrus has been used as a paper for over 4500 years!

Each Papyri is

- Hand-made
- Hand-painted
- Authentically Egyptian
-Packaged with a certificate of authenticity & protective plastic sleeve

(All Papyrus is hand-made & hand-painted, so yours may differ slightly from that in the photo)

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